Performance Lab Berlin offers workshops in "Improvisation & Physical Theater". The workshops take place in various formats, from weekend workshops, to bi-weekly trainings to month-long improvisation immersions. See -> dates & registration for more info.

Our workshops are open for all levels. The techniques are equally challenging and applicable for professional performers and curious beginners.

The methods we explore are based on the development of moment to moment awareness, as well as achieving a balance between inner and outer awareness.

We define inner awareness as the ability to perceive your own physical and emotional impulses and to use these impulses creatively. Outer awareness is defined as your awareness of the others in the ensemble, the space, and the structure of the composition itself.

The training includes improvisation, movement and voice. The work is based on awareness, acceptance and specificity:

* Awareness includes awareness of your body and its physical and emotional impulses
* Acceptance means accepting the moment without judgment; recognizing and using what is already present
* Specificity refers to clarity; the elimination of everything but the essential; precision in your use of time and space

These tools increase the performer's expressive power.

We do not adhere to a pre-existing aesthetic; instead we explore universal principles of composition. The goal is to give each participant tools which help them come closer to their own creativity, their own individual voice.

Curious? -> dates & registration

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