Performance Lab Berlin invites professional performers to collaborate on the creation of new works based on socially relevant themes. The pieces are created using the same improvisational techniques or "Lab-Process" which are explored in our -> workshops.

Our goal is to create humanistic theatre, theatre that touches people:
-> audience comments

The focus remains on experimentation, dialogue, the blurring of boundaries and unusual discoveries. Participation is by invitation or audition.

-> "13 poems in a body - part one: take two" was developed by Shannon Sullivan in 2011, in collaboration with dancer Mor Demer.

-> "Broken: Part I" by Shannon Sullivan/ Performance Lab Berlin premiered in March 2010.

-> "13 poems in a body" is a piece by Shannon Sullivan/ Performance Lab Berlin in collaboration with dancer/ choreographer Raffaella Galdi. "13 poems in a body" was well received at its premiere in July 2009.

Under -> archive you'll find more information about older productions:

-> Hearing Voices
-> Gate Theory
-> Form/losigkeit

You'll find more information about the annual festival SWAN Day Berlin (Support Women Artists Now Day), curated and presented by Performance Lab Berlin from 2008 to 2012, on our external SWAN Day Berlin web site -> www.swandayberlin.org.

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