Current Productions by Performance Lab Berlin:

-> "13 poems in a body - part one: take two" (pdf): Premiere of the piece on March 25 / 26, 2011, at SWAN Day Berlin 2011

-> "Broken: Part I" (pdf): Cover photo of the March/April issue of the magazine "Tanzraumberlin", March 2010

-> "Broken: Part I" (pdf): Press article on the piece presented at SWAN Day Berlin 2010, "Tagesspiegel", March 2010 (in German)

-> "Broken: Part I" : Review of the piece and report about the event SWAN Day Berlin 2010 (in German) on berlin-woman.de

-> "13 poems in a body" (pdf): Press review of the production in "Mannheimer Morgen", July 2009

You'll find more articles and material specific to the annual event SWAN Day Berlin on the web site -> www.swandayberlin.org

Older Productions by Performance Lab Berlin:

-> "Form/losigkeit" (pdf): premiered in July 2007

-> "Gate Theory" (pdf): premiered in April 2007

-> "Hearing Voices" (pdf): premiered in December 2006

Workshops by Performance Lab Berlin:

-> Our Workshops in Improvisation & Performance (pdf)

-> "Beyond Seeing" (pdf): Information & registration form of our upcoming weekend workshop in June 2013

About Performance Lab Berlin:

-> Online interview: AVIVA-Berlin spoke with Shannon Sullivan and Joey Juschka, the founders of Performance Lab Berlin (in German)

Additional material:

Please -> contact us if you require additional information or material, or with any questions that may arise.

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