This way for the -> archives of SWAN Day Berlin, 2008 - 2012.

Recent productions of Performance Lab Berlin include:

-> "Formlosigkeit":

"Water asks no questions, it accepts and conforms to whatever the shape of the container happens to be. Water can be hot, cold, steam, rain. It is very adaptable. It nourishes plants, animals, fish, and man. It respects all life and gives of itself freely. Water is weak, yet a drop at a time can make a hole in a stone. Man can make it muddy, but when left undisturbed it clears itself." - Marlo Morgan: "Mutant Message from Forever: A Novel of Aboriginal Wisdom", p. 243 - 244

Performers: Maike Bartz, Eva Wegener
Choreography/ Concept: Shannon Sullivan

-> "Formlosigkeit" was presented during the 100-year anniversary festivities of the "Pumpwerk" building in Erich-Weinert-Straße, a gigantic water pump station. -> "Das Pumpwerk" opened in the Summer of 2007 as a center for arts and culture in Berlin.

-> "Gate Theory":

Close your eyes. Open your senses. Touch. Move. Be moved.

Gate Theory is a performance which stimulates every sense except sight. Based on the principles of neurology, the performance is experienced on the skin, throught movement, taste, smell and sound. Only at the very end are the audience members allowed a glimpse of the performers.

"Gate Theory", the second piece by Performance Lab Berlin, was presented on April 21 and April 22, 2007. -> audience comments

Performers: Heidrun Jahn, Joey Juschka, Barbara Kowa, Lea Lanz, Renate Morringello
Choreography/ Concept: Shannon Sullivan

-> "Hearing Voices", the first piece by Performance Lab Berlin, is a piece about courage.
Inspired by Bernard Shaw's Saint Joan (Joan of Arc), it deals with the courage to find your own truth. The courage to speak this truth in spite of all obstacles. The courage to be seen and heard. The courage to lead.

"Hearing Voices" was premiered on December 13, 2006. -> photos

Performers: Nina Büchel, Simone Erpenbeck, Emilia Hagelganz, Joey Juschka, Uta Kohrs, Petra Pölzl, Shannon Sullivan
Director/ Concept: Shannon Sullivan

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