13 poems in a body -
part one: take two

by and with:
Shannon Sullivan and Mor Demer

Premiere on: Friday, March 25, 2011
at -> LaborGras

Breath is movement.
Words ride on the outbreath.
Sound is waves; the waves compress the particles in the air.
The first language was sign language; words are gestures of the tongue.
The voice is controlled by tiny muscles.
The muscles control the size and frequency of the waves.
Breathing is rhythmic.
Words and movements have rhythms and exist in time.
Rhythm is breath is sound is movement.
Language is sensory; movement is cognitive.
Language is cognitive; movement is sensory.
Language is sound is movement is cognitive is sensory.
My poems come from my body.

Concept / Text / Direction: Shannon Sullivan
By and with: Mor Demer and Shannon Sullivan
Dramaturgy: Joey Juschka
Special thanks to: Raffaella Galdi, LaborGras, mime centrum

-> "13 poems in a body - part one: take two" (pdf): Premiere of the piece on March 25 / 26, 2011, at SWAN Day Berlin 2011

13 poems in a body (2009)

by and with:
Shannon Sullivan and Raffaella Galdi

"Shannon Sullivan's production '13 Poems in a Body' was downright stunning. After a serious foot injury the dancer discovered a new means of expression for herself: language. In cooperation with Raffaella Galdi her dance performance provoked movement with spoken word and the other way around. The piece painfully translated mental and spiritual conflict into physical conflict and allowed the audience to intensely feel the torment.
A magnificent conclusion to two diverse evenings of theater that offered a promising glimpse of tomorrow's repertoire of performances."

- Mannheimer Morgen, July 14 2009
-> Full review (pdf, in German)

"13 poems in a body"
premiered in July 2009
at the festival -> frisch eingetroffen, zeitraumexit, Mannheim, Germany

13 poems in a body

Concept, Staging, Text, Voice: Shannon Sullivan
Dance, Movement Composition: Raffaella Galdi
Dramaturgy: Joey Juschka

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